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Services -

     In addition to our product lines, ARTicles Gallery offers a full range of art related services. We do Valuations, Consulting, Design, and Installation services. Our affiliate, Custom Framing (see offers a full range of Framing Services as well as Art and Frame Restoration and Repair.

Services we offer include:

  • FREE project consultations;
  • FREE art and framing recommendations;
  • FREE project walk thru to share our expertise and discuss your goals;
  • INVENTORY services to assure company artwork remains at the company;
  • VALUATION SERVICES in cases of death (estate), divorce, inventory, insurance, and division of property. We have valued art of all types for museums, Fortune 500 companies, small companies, and individuals. We have valued from one to several thousand pieces at any one time. Our services are provided at a competitive hourly rate.
  • SERVICE THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES is provided for business clients with one or more facilities and residential customers with multiple homes.

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